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Harvard Map Collection Revolutionary War era maps

May 23, 2014

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center's collection of American Revolutionary War era maps is one of the most outstanding, expansive, and renowned of the Boston Public Library’s collections.

Digital images of maps in the Harvard Map Collection have been added to enhance this collection. This selection includes many battle plans and regional maps.

Baie de Chesapeak : plan de l'attaque des villes de Yorck et Gloucester...

Charles Town, South Carolina : with a chart of the bars & harbour

A plan of the attack made Nov.ber 27t. 1781 : by a detachment commanded by Brigadier-General Ross...

A N.b.E. view of the fort on the western end of Sulivans Island : with the disposition of His Majesty's fleet...

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May uploads

May 12, 2014

May uploads include manuscript panoramic views of the area around Boston after the battle of Bunker Hill, a map of the United States during the Civil War, a raised relief map of the Panama Canal, maps of the Mexico, maps of Canada and postal route maps.

[Dorchester Neck]

Lloyd's new map of the United States, the Canadas, and New Brunswick...

Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 17th & 18th 1847

Aeronautical view of the Panama Canal

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April additions

April 28, 2014

April digitizations include a pictorial map of Europe depicting political powers as fishermen; a map showing explorations in northern Canada; an 1870 map of Yosemite Valley; and a map showing Bell Company telephone lines.

Angling in Troubled Waters

Explorations in northern Canada and adjacent portions of Greenland and Alaska

Map of the Yosemite Valley

Map showing lines of the Bell telephone companies in the United States and Canada

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March digitizations

March 26, 2014

Over 160 maps have been digitized and added to the website. Interesting additions include a colorful German bird's-eye view of Boston, a map showing railroad properties in Chicago, a map showing exploration along the Platte River and a map showing U.S. national forests.

Ausicht von Boston
[mid-19th century]

Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Co. map showing property of railroads in the business center of Chicago

Map to illustrate an exploration of the country lying between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains, on the line of the Nebraska or Platte River

National Forests

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Valentine's Day

February 11, 2014

Visit the Map Center to see our Map of a Woman's Heart. This manuscript map in ink and watercolor depicts women's characteristics as geographic features of a heart.

This map is on display until February 23rd.

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Made in Boston on WJFF/NPR

February 10, 2014

Curator Ron Grim discusses our Made in Boston exhibition on the February 7th Lost and Saved segment on WJFF/NPR.

Listen here

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Sochi Olympics

February 6, 2014.

In celebration of the Olympics, the Map Center has two maps of the Sochi area on display. See a 1672 map of the Black Sea and a modern map of the same area.

The maps will be on display until February 23rd.

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Wall Street Journal Review

January 21, 2014

Check out the Wall Street Journal's review of our current exhibition, Made in Boston.

War Put Boston on the Map

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January Uploads

January 9, 2014

Notable January additions include new manuscript maps, a map on silk, a 19th century puzzle and a colorful view of Boston.

Map of a woman's heart

[Silk map of New York, Philadephia, and southern New England]

Plan of the estate of Stephen R. and Charles F. Benton...

Bird's eye view of Boston

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Mapping Out History and Geography

December 1, 2013

Curator Ron Grim was featured in the Business section of the Boston Globe.

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